The “Damage Prevention Councils of Texas” is a fully incorporated 501 (c) (3) dedicated to underground utility damage prevention, along with the promotion of the “811 – Call Before You Dig” message and the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices. Currently, there are 23 Regional Councils encompassing the State, however, due to increased activity with certain shale formations, plans are being made to decrease the size and magnitude of some of these regions and increase the total number of Regional Councils, making it even more convenient to become involved with damage prevention in your area.

Typically comprised of construction contractors, utility operators, gathering & transmission pipeline operators, municipalities, utility locators, engineering firms, TxDOT, and other associated industry stakeholders, with Texas811 serving in a liaison capacity, Damage Prevention Councils (DPCs) meet on a regular basis in every region through the State of Texas. DPC meetings provide an optimal forum where stakeholders can share information and perspectives; and then work together on all aspects of damage prevention issues. In promoting a spirit of shared responsibility, regional DPCs welcome all stakeholders who would like to be a part of the damage prevention solution. For meeting times and locations, click on any region of the map.

For more information regarding the Damage Prevention Councils of Texas, or any of its regional subsidiaries, please contact John Sparks – or 972.786.2602