Nice to see you all, finally.

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DPC of TExas

It was so nice to finally have in-person meetings with representatives from local municipalities, contractors, utility operators, pipeline operators, locators, engineers, and other industry related stakeholders during the November re-launch of our Damage Prevention Council of Texas Chapter meetings in the upper Southeast region of Texas.  Our attendance for the Lower Brazos Chapter and the Golden Triangle Chapter meetings doubled which was a pleasant outcome since we didn’t know what to expect prior to registration.  The attendance at the Southeast Chapter was higher than expected as well with 55 people taking time to support the DPC of Texas organization and its mission to facilitate underground utility & pipeline damage prevention, promote best practices, and contribute toward public safety and environmental protection through stakeholder education and communication.  I want to say Thank You again to the Brazos Valley Council of Governments, The Woodlands Emergency Training Center, and City of Beaumont for providing the venues for these meetings. 

As the Texas811 Damage Prevention Manager for the Upper Southeast Texas Region and a member of the Board of Directors for the DPC of Texas organization, I look forward to seeing these chapters grow with leadership who will promote ongoing participation in their local chapter meetings and healthy working relationships between excavators and locators.  We continue to see the number of locate requests increase each month in 2021 compared to same months in 2019 and 2020 and realize how important it is to improve communication between excavators and the locators when certain circumstances may cause a delay in locating underground facilities within the required 48 hours which does not include weekends or legal holidays.   During the planning phase of a project, it may be helpful to adjust your wait time to 72 hours so locators will have additional time to locate the underground facilities and always white line the proposed area of excavation prior to requesting a locate ticket so the locators will know where to spend their limited and valuable time locating the utilities and pipelines within the scope of your project.

Please go to and click on the calendar link to find the date, time, and location of the next local chapter meeting in your local area.

David Ferguson

Texas811 Damage Prevention Manager and DPC of Texas Board Member