To facilitate underground utility & pipeline damage prevention, promote best practices, and contribute toward public safety and environmental protection through stakeholder education and communication.


To develop a volunteer group of damage prevention stakeholders that will aid in the state wide effort to minimize damages by:

  • Identifying opportunities to heighten excavator and public awareness to “Call Before You Dig” and the consistent use of safe excavation practices
  • Promote Common Ground Alliance Best practices
  • Provide free safety meetings and review of regulations
  • Work in conjunction with other damage prevention efforts (i.e. Common Ground Alliance, other damage prevention councils, One Call Board of Texas, Railroad Commission of Texas, etc)
  • Provide information and/or updates to legislative actions and maintain a consistent, state-wide damage prevention message.


Call Before You Dig

Who We Are

We are a collective of industry leaders and stakeholders including contractors, utility operators, pipeline operators, municipalities, utility locators, excavators, engineers and other industry focused volunteers.


  1. To facilitate communication, cooperation and coordination among all industry stakeholders in the prevention of underground utility damages.
  2. To heighten stakeholder awareness to the requirements of Texas Utilities Code, Title 5, Chapter 251– Underground Facility Damage Prevention & Safety Act
  3. To heighten stakeholder awareness to the requirements of Railroad Commission of Texas – Title 16, Chapter 18 – Underground Pipeline Damage Prevention regulations.
  4. To promote safe digging best practices;
  5. To sponsor, promote and participate in education and training programs related to the prevention of damage to facilities in an effort to increase public safety and environmental protection by including the four steps to safe digging:
    1. Call Before You Dig;
    2. Wait the Required Amount of Time;
    3. Respect the Marks; and
    4. Dig With Care.
  6. To establish and maintain relationships with related interest groups.
  7. Solve issues with the 811 process and underground facility locating on a local level.
  8. Provide educational outreach by providing on-site safety meetings and excavation safety festivals.

What We Do

Our team of industry leaders serve as subject matter experts and facilitate meetings. Regional DPC Chapters meet on a regular basis throughout the State of Texas. DPC meetings provide an optimal forum where stakeholders can share information and perspectives while also working together on all aspects of damage prevention issues. In promoting a spirit of shared responsibility, regional DPC chapters welcome all who would like to be a part of the damage prevention solutions.