Safe Digging Begins With You

Picture of DPC of TExas

DPC of TExas

Every year, we support National Safe Digging Month in April. April typically marks the start of the spring planting season. But digging around the yard happens pretty much every month. The Damage Prevention Council of Texas wants to share important information with you how to protect yourself, your property and those around you. Remember that safe digging should happen year-round and no matter when you start your projects around the house, add 811 to the top of your to-do list.

How does adding 811 to my list help? It’s another step to getting my yard to award winning caliber. While it’s true that calling 811 does add another step to getting that perfect yard, it is the most important step you can take. Calling 811 before you dig for any reason saves lives, saves property, and it saves you from causing your entire neighborhood to be without power, internet or phone service. Imagine being without internet service, especially right now when so many people are relying on it to work from home or to home school their children. Losing internet or power will cause additional stress to everyone on your block.

GardeningIs it really that simple? Calling 811 can save all of this from happening? Yes, it is absolutely that simple. Call 811, just those three numbers and an agent will take your information. They’ll ask for your name, your project location, the type of work you are doing, what tools you’ll be using and how long you expect the work to take. Then what? Texas811 will notify the utilities that have underground lines in your project area. Please remember though, that you can’t yet dig. The Texas One Call Law requires a 48-hour waiting period between locate request submission and when digging begins, not including weekends and legal holidays. This gives the utility owners time to have their lines located and marked in your project area.

After the utility locators have marked lines that are buried, you will receive an all clear to dig. Please be mindful of those marks as you dig, keeping a safe distance from those areas, you can now dig to plant that tree, set that fence post or install that sprinkler system. Calling 811 is a free service and it’s the law. That’s right, calling 811 before you dig doesn’t just apply to that construction company resurfacing the road you live on or the new housing addition going in up the road. It applies to anyone who puts a shovel to the ground.

As you try to build that perfect paradise on your property for the coming months, remember no matter how big or small your project, calling 811 is your number one priority.. Please join us in doing it the right way. The safe way.

Jennifer Pratt

Program Manager
Damage Prevention Council of Texas